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In 1996, during a ceremony as part of his spiritual-shamanic training in Arizona, Sten Linnander unexpectedly experienced the Earth speaking to him in a clear, unequivocal voice, asking him to go up on a mountain and “speak normally” to it. Thus began a three-month series of communications between the author and the Earth. It then took Sten fifteen years to overcome his doubts and skepticism, both about the statements made by the Earth and how they would be received by the public. But now, having re-established the same clear connection he had then, Sten fulfills his promise to the Earth with the publication of this book.

We hear an Earth that speaks of itself as sentient, conscious and alive, in intimate contact with humans, wishing nothing more than to be seen, felt and communicated with. I Am With You describes the Earth and human beings as having a joint goal: “Allowing and combining freedom and intimacy.” The Earth also says it is a sexual being that comes up to meet and blend with our energies every time we get aroused, creative or exuberant.

I Am With You suggests that human beings are partners with the Earth, slowly waking up to the larger parts of ourselves that are constantly interacting and communicating with the Earth. It invites us to cooperate with the Earth as a living, conscious being, and presents a vision of true cooperation that will leave no area untouched. It proposes we build a technical device so that the Earth can communicate with us in our own language, making it possible to show us everything that has transpired on Earth. This would bring humanity closer together and allow us to begin to sense, from within, who we are and who the Earth is.